Verb 1. Taper - diminish gradually.

Dietetic Tapering - reducing certain foods and food ratios throughout the day.


How It Works   Why It Works

Meal Timing
You simply eat foods when your body is best able to accomodate them.  Certain foods are better to eat during the first half of the day and other foods during the second half.  By exploiting this, you are able to eat the foods you love and still lose weight.

High Quality Foods
Would you like to crank up your metabolism sky high?  By eating the foods that provide the best metabolic output, this is exactly what happens.

Nutrient Combining
By eating foods within certain ratios, YOU tell your body to burn fat.


The Taper DietTM is based on scientific research.  Most diets fail because they are based on financial gain and marketing.  Since the Taper DietTM is rooted in science, a metabolic advantage is created that allows your body to burn fat while still eating the foods you love.

Food Selection
Foods that are normally banned on most diets like pizza, pasta, tacos, and many others are fair game on the Taper DietTM.  Staying committed is easy when there is not dietary restriction. 

It's Real!
There is no hype behind the diet, only science and the motivation to change lives.  You are assured of achieving your weight loss goals.

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